Ayniya Cloth Manufacturers

Ayniya is a Turkish Cloth Manufacturing Company based in Istanbul

Mr. Chadi Oulwa , Ayniya Founder approached us for the branding of this newly brand to be launched in Istanbul. After seeing the results, the projected developed where Inspiral team developed the website and handled the marketing activities of Ayniya.

We were happy with every stitch we made together!

Client Details

Client: Ayniya

Category: Design

Date: October 2018


The Branding Concept

The Promo Video


The Website Design

The Website Development



Ayniya website was published in 2018 using the WordPress Platform with a responsive theme created with the color and theme of the brand.



Social Media

Ayniya uses Facebook, and Instagram to promote its services and reach out to its target audience.


Given the importance of search engines, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was at the top of the services to be delivered. Ayniya focuses on keywords related to textile, wholesale, designing and patterning, and others.

Google Ads

Google Ads is an essential part of Ayniya’s marketing efforts and strategy. Being on top of Google search results and ahead of its Competitors’, Ayniya believes that being on Google is an investment and not only for advertising.

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