Inspiral Solutions is thrilled to announce a dynamic expansion of our services through a strategic partnership with Concept 17, our new sister company specializing in top-notch printing solutions. As a digital solutions powerhouse, we’ve listened to your needs and are now equipped to seamlessly integrate our innovative design and branding expertise with high-quality printing services. This collaboration allows us to offer you a holistic approach, ensuring your digital and print materials align effortlessly for a cohesive brand presence. From websites and marketing to bespoke designs and now precision printing, Inspiral Solutions and Concept 17 stand ready to elevate your brand to new heights. Explore the synergy of our comprehensive services and let us bring your visions to life, both digitally and in print

A.      Digital Printing: The fastest process of printing, commonly used for low quantities and urgent printing.


B.      Offset Printing: Commonly used for high quantities. We recommend offset printing as it guarantees quality, excellent and easier future reprinting, better color management, a place held in design management, and offers higher resolution compared to digital printing.


C.      Packaging Techniques: Packaging can be done using all materials including carton boxes, plastic boxes, foam boxes, as well as bags, and every packaging material.


D.      Digital Cutting: It includes machines that use the XY formula to die-cut nearly all materials and to engrave some others. This can be used on Plexi, wood, foam, PVC, etc… It can be used to re-size boards or to form a certain 2D shape, which can lead to real-life-sized 2D sculptures.


E.       Book Binding: It varies from simple bonds to spiral options and perfect binding.


F.       Outdoor/Indoor Printings: These include huge banners, self-stick Vinyl banners (printed or color-based), Coated rolls, photo paper, glossy-matt posters, etc.


G.      Promotional Items: T-shirts, Coasters, Mouse Pads, Mugs, Pen, Pencils, etc.


H.      Fairs and Exhibitions: End-to-end stand decorations. Roll-up banners, eye drop banners, X-Banners, and all kinds of stand-up banners.


I.         Vehicles Wrapping: Applying logos, info, ads, etc. on cars and other vehicles.


J.        Direct Printing: It is a UV drying-based kind of printing, it can be used to print on almost every possible hard or semi-hard surface like metals, plastic, fabric, or even tiles. The durability of this type of printing is based on the material we are printing on.